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I used this conditioner after washing my daughter’s hair and it was amazing, my daughter’s hair is down to her waist and it usually takes me a while to detangle her hair, but with this conditioner it cut the time I usually take to detangle her hair in half, and I didn’t have to use a lot. This conditioner added a lot of moisture to my daughter’s hair, and made her curls clump up so beautifully. Even after her hair dried it was soo much more manageable and tangled less…I can’t wait to try it on my own hair as well, I love the smell, will definitely buy again.

Emily Buschbell
Moroccan conditioner

This is the best conditioner I have come across. Glory to God!

bydirah moore
Moroccan spice honey &ginger whipped conditioner

I think has nice mild fragrance an i like that it is not heavy on the hair ,so far so Good iv used everyday since i received the product.

L. Rose
Happy, Healthy Curls!

This product, along with the Cocoa Chai Leave In, and Drops of Honey Hair Oil (the game changer for me) have given my dry, stringy, thirsty curls moisture that was very necessary. My curls were so defined, shiny, and juicy after the first use. It’s not heavy, very light with a nice gentle fragrance. OH! And the Tahitian Milk Hydration Spray! I used this as my base. Love. Love. Love.

I also used the products in my Childrens hair, and I promise it’s like the texture changed. I love the products. Made2Flourish now has a satisfied and certified loyal customer. Blessings!

Valerie Donkoh
It works!!!!

My hair was often dry after shampooing and using a leave in conditioner. And after only one day I noticed the difference. Thanking God for this product.