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Drops of Honey Rosemary & Thyme Oil Sale

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Paola Rosado

This oil is super nice. Im using to deep oil my scalp and ends too. I leave it on for a few hours. I can tell this is high quality rosemary and thyme oil. I love the quality and what it does to my hair also. I also love how large the bottle is. Definitely getting my second bottle after I’m done with this one. Please never stop making this oil!!!! Also they were so kind to send me a shampoo🥹 I just ordered the oil and wow When I see the shampoo came I got so happy. God bless the hands making these products. Lots of love from Puerto Rico.

Indy Taylor
Drops of Honey

Just started using the oil and I am satisfied with the smell. A lot of times oils have scents that I am not too fond of. This one is better!

Kim R Hairston
I Love It!!!

I highly recommend this product. I have never known my hair to be so soft and not greasy. I love the smell. My hair has never looked and felt this good!!!

Joy Victorious
Made to Flourish Puts the ‘Whole’ in Wholistic

(if this review only shows 4 stars that’s a glitch—these drops are FIVE STAR QUALITY ;))
We live in a time where people choose products based on the values and practices of the business behind the brand...I initially purchased a bottle of the Drops of Honey out of a desire to support the manifold ministries coming out of the obedience, sacrifice, and dedication of this small business owner and her family. More on that later if there is space for an extended review :) I bought this oil because, as a mixed woman with baby-fine hair that only gets thinner with age, I really can’t handle much hair product at all—much less hair products made with that “legit” colored-folks’ hair in mind ;) I honestly expected to try it and hand it off to one of my sisters who have that quality hair...but let me tell you—all “values-based” purchasing aside—these Drops of Honey are the TRUTH!! Everything feels good right out of the shower—it’s that MIDDAY hair that will tell you the truth about a product...and let me just say: this oil gave my hair UNPRECEDENTED softness, body AND control without weighing it down or leaving it with that “oily” residue look or feel...the smell is heavenly and I ended up returning to buy a bottle for each of my sisters as their ONLY Christmas gift—it’s that good. Now —having said all that, I can move on to the customer service: I do not personally know the family behind this business, but somehow, even though they handled every aspect of my purchasing experience with professionalism and excellence—they have made me feel like more than a valued customer—they have dealt with me like family. That is probably all the detail I can get into for this review—but I believe I can safely say: whatever expectations you bring as a customer; Made 2 Flourish will exceed them. In every way. If you don’t know about the family and ministry behind this wonderful company; I hope I have piqued your curiosity enough to find out about them for yourself :)

Linda Ross
My hair is moist

I love this oil because it leaves my hair moist, I also like the mild smell.
After messaging into my scalp it feels so revitalizing and I have less shedding of hair.