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I love this leave in, I used it on myself and my children, it doesn’t just sit on top of the hair it melts into the hair shaft leaving my hair beautifully moisturized and soft. It helped me detangle my children’s hair and defined their curls between wash days. All in all it’s a really great product with a good ingredient list and really nice smell. Will definitely buy again.

Bella Haynes
Dew of Heaven Leave-In

I love this product because it keeps my hair soft it is easier for me to moisturize my hair. I can see my hair absorbing more moisture versus product just sitting on top of my hair. I love this product I will purchase it again and again☺️

Daughter of The MOST HIGH
Indeed from Heaven

Another blessed product made by Blessed hands✴♥️👑🙌.
I have tried about 7 or 8 products to this point....Good upon Good upon Good upon Good results...This company is Truly, Heaven sent🙌💥🔥🌈✴🎁🙌

Mary Vasser
That lovely smell

Great leave in conditioner, did I mention I love the soft fresh smell

Melody Trousdale-Galvin
I love it

Best product I have used on my hair. My hair is usually really frizzy and dry after blow drying but with this liquid gold😁 I do not have to flat iron my hair afterwards. I only need to flat iron if I want to lay a little flatter. Other than that my hair looks healthier and shinier than I can ever remember it being.Thank you